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Making Sense of Real-Time Factory Data

Comprehending Real-Time Factory Data Comprehending Real-Time Factory Data Understanding Real-Time Factory Data The fourth mechanical insurgency is directly around the bend. With it will come a consistent stream of data that will stream ceaselessly to and from assembling war rooms. It should be deciphered rapidly and introduced in manners individuals can undoubtedly comprehend both naturally and outwardly. Presently, analysts at the Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics Research have built up a device to assist producers with understanding the entirety of that ongoing data. Industry 4.0 guarantees instruments that let makers see and promptly see how their industrial facilities are working continuously. Those new devices incorporate sensors, programming, and associated and mechanized frameworks, the Internet of Things, and distributed computing. This blend gives makers prompt access to a wide range of information that streams to and from their processing plant. From the biggest machine to the littlest bits of data, pretty much every production line activity will be associated. For You: The Comeback of the Aluminum Can The Fraunhofer Institutes Plant@Hand3D shows consistent input conveyed by tooling machines, sensors, PLCs, and all other observed procedures. The product energizes the information in a visual structure that is straightforward. It likewise helps leaders see the master plan, says Mario Aehnelt, leader of the division visual help innovation at Fraunhofer IGD in Darmstadt, Germany. The product helps chiefs see the master plan. We overlay key execution pointers on the genuine manufacturing plant creation line picturing, for instance, the status of creation to tell chiefs about possible issues and acceptable behavior effectively and rapidly, Aehnelt says. All things considered, sections of numbers and spreadsheets wont help with the immediate dynamic and cost investment funds future industrial facility advancements will empower. 3D configuration models contain all data about geometry, materials, and capacity. Picture: Fraunhofer IGD The data is shown on what Aehnelt calls a multi-contact table. The table is level with a major, clear showcase indicating the vivified designs. Its like those old fashioned, situated Pac-Man games still once in a while observed at cafés and bars. Just this presentation is much more clear and greater, and the illustrations put the Pac-Man apparitions to disgrace. It likewise portray plant capacities in 3D. Trucks and robots move like animation figures over the screen, yet there is nothing uncorrupt about the constant data they portray. The product additionally weds the information from different industrial facility frameworks, for example, creation information from assembling, ERP, or information from work force arranging, he includes. Plant administrators customarily get criticism independently from their creation frameworks, assess it, and afterward proceed onward to take a gander at their creation the board framework. At the end of the day, supervisors cannot see and assess input from their whole processing plant. They cannot decide how the industrial facility works in general, Aehnelt says. Getting that data in a manner that is anything but difficult to envision can hugy affect the dynamic procedure. The data portrayed by Plant@Hand3D can likewise be utilized to foresee manufacturing plant execution. A supervisor, for instance, could perceive what will occur with creation if the plant introduces another robot or changes a procedure. The perception would delineate all frameworks in such a case, including transporting and invoicing, Aehnelt says. A director can see, for instance, an issue with the line and promptly follow it back to its source, which could be a breaking down robot or an issue with a specific part that can be immediately traded out. By making specific hand and finger motions, administrators can focus in on a particular machine or take a gander at an outline of creation information from a specific plant or line, Aehnelt says. Chiefs and plant creation staff can likewise team up on choices by taking a shot at dispersed screens, which can be put underway territories. Having the option to picture information from various frameworks makes it simple to get a handle on the data offered and to start activities in like manner, he includes. The natural collaboration with information is significant. We see a major favorable position in that, Aehnelt says. Jean Thilmany is a free author. Understand More: 3D Printing Trains Bomb-Sniffing Dogs Utilizing Human Vision to Sharpen Machine Sensing The Great Ocean Cleanup Begins We overlay key execution pointers on the genuine manufacturing plant creation line to tell leaders about expected issues and acceptable behavior effectively and quickly.Mario Aehnelt, Fraunhofer IGD

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A Guide to Resume Examplers

A Guide to Resume Examplers Hearsay, Deception and Resume Examplers For instance, on the off chance that you have a significant business hole since your last position, you can need to utilize a useful resume instead of a sequential one. Occupation searchers have the right to find better than average substance rapidly. Profoundly important mastery in a field is the absolute first thing businesses look for. Your occupations could be differed, your experience and capacities tremendous, and it very well may be testing getting everything on paper. Top resume manufacturers show up furnished with various highlights that makes continue composing appear to be easy. At that point it might be an ideal opportunity to carry some style to your resume! At the point when you've looked into resumes in your field, examine continues across fields to figure out how to differ the use of activity action words and get a vibe for what makes a powerful achievement explanation. Learn more regarding the matter of the top aptitudes businesses look for in applicants. It isn't deadly to have only one manager recorded on your resume in a long profession. Your resume needs to fix an issue for businesses (which is the motivation behind why they're employing). Bosses realize you will likely secure the position. The Debate Over Resume Examplers Every one of them flaunts a spotless appearance, yellow accents, and Roboto textual style, which will give an advanced appearance to your records. Stepping stools best resume formats make certain to extend to you a favorable position in your pursuit of employment. Everybody can download straightforward resume layouts from the web either for nothing or at a specific cost. For each work application, select the design that most speaks to you with regards to the activity that you're applying for. Peruse continue articles concentrated on explicit components of employment looking and the best approach to utilize your resume. Make certain it's custom-made to not simply the position, however the supplier moreover. Fundamentally, you might want to rapidly depict that you're a best contender for those assortments of occupations you're seeking after. In case you're endeavoring to obtain work in bookkeeping or account you require averystrong continue. What follows is a wide choice of expert resume tests for employments in a few ventures. Particular sorts of work in the food administration industry require resumes with some of the specific abilities. Composing a resume for work in the workmanship business can be troublesome. Be certain the resume format you select is explicit to your industry. Subsequently by utilizing smart arranging strategies it's conceivable to ensure that your resume is prepared to tempt the peruser's thoughtfulness regarding the specific subtleties you need them to see. Free resume layouts download is a most loved procedure which heaps of people follow to draft resumes for proficient clarifications. Beneath, you will find a rundown of resume models that could help you with your work search. A resume layout will give the fundamental data that is required for a resume, just as the configuration and the best approach to introduce your working subtleties in a coherent and engaging manner. Showing you have work experience is basic, in any event, assuming it isn't legitimately connected to your objectives. Not every person is acceptable at overseeing others, so in the occasion you can offer hard proof of your relationship building abilities by evaluating the effect you've made through excellent client help, you will be powerful to potential bosses. For additional thoughts regarding how to fortify your program, examine our training and instructing resumes. Notice how the model resumes are incredibly explicit when it has to do with specialized abilities. This is what I Know About Resume Examplers Without such a segment, the forthcoming employing chief might be left asking why the person perusing your resume in any capacity. Businesses don't wish to sit around perusing bunches of trivial prattle. First you need to find the activity which you like and afterward set about depicting yourself in an engaging manner all together for the business won't have any decision however they give you the absolute best activity! When you have arranged and presented your resume to a business the expectation is you will be mentioned to go to work meeting to go over further whether you will be reasonable. Our resume developer is the snappiest way to deal with make a resume that can assist you with landing your dream position. Anyway diligently you attempt, anyway you look and the manner in which you dress, Employers will in any case be taking a gander at your resume first.

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5 What The Heck Business Ideas That Made Millions

5 ‘What The Heck’ Business Ideas That Made Millions You write up a plan, work your socks off and go to the buyers pitch. You have an excellent idea however it doesn’t sell and no person invests in it, calling the enterprise concept ridiculous! Well, you would possibly need to direct their consideration to this submit. 5 ‘What The Heck’ Business ideas that made millions reveals you simply something sells when you try it and get the word out there. Ranked from what I suppose is the ‘least’ WTH to essentially the most WTH enterprise concept that made tens of millions. 5. Wacky WallWalker Toy Your mum sends you a toy from a foreign land and you being you start taking part in with it. Soon you realise the idea’s potential and voila! â€" you've a business idea. That’s precisely the story of Wacky WallWalker Toy. It is an octopus-like toy with several sticky feet. You would throw it on the wall and it might ‘stroll down’slowly. In 1983 Ken Hakuta within the US purchased the rights for Wacky WallWalker Toy for $one hundred,000 and ultimately offered 240 million of these to make an estimated $80million. Sweet! four. Doggles Dogs with goggles? Yeah, why not.Dogglesis a business model of sun shades for dogs within the type of tinted goggles designed to suit the shape of a dog’s head. Doggles had been invented by Roni Di Lullo after she observed her dog, Midknight, squinting in the sunlight. It was voted as one of many “Most Useless Inventions” in 2009 by Daily Mail. Yet, they were sent to the navy canine in Iraq. Costing around $eighty, they rake in millions a 12 m onths. 3. Million Dollar Homepage The solely purpose I assume milliondollarhomepage is extra ridiculous that Doggles is as a result of it made just over a million and required zero effort! Absolutely zero. Each pixel on the site was bought to advertisers for $1. Alex Stew, learning at the University of Nottingham came up with this idea in 2005. Tew purchased an online area, laid out an area of 1,000,000 pixels, and sold them in a hundred-dollar blocks. By New Year’s Eve, every pixel bar however one had been offered. Tew make a whopping $ 1,037,a hundred gross. And he is still going robust! 2. Pet Rock In April 1975, Dahl was in a bar listening to his pals complain about their pets. This gave him the thought for the proper “pet”: a rock. A rock would not have to be fed, walked, bathed, groomed and would not die, become sick, or be disobedient. He said they were to be the right pets, and joked about it with his associates. That was it, Pet Rock was born and despite the fact that the craze solely lasted a yr, it made Dahl a millionaire in 6 months. Beat that! 1. Flowbee â€" A Vacuum Cleaner that Cuts Your Hair Do I even have to say extra? It literally is simply that. In truth, you possibly can still buy one. The technical description of the way it works wants no less understanding than that needed to grasp how a fuel turbine engine operates, besides this one goes with a lot of laughter. “This revolutionary home haircutting system cuts your hair evenly into the recessed blades and trims it precisely. The outcomes are a refreshing vacuum haircut.” You Bet! That’s all people. And now, if you will excuse me, I want to think about a WTH idea that can make me a millionnaire! Image Credit: 6 Skills Project Managers Must Master Project managers should use a variety of abilities to successfully deliver their tasks to completion... What are the Different Types of Data? Finding Your Data Niche Data comes in many shapes and sizes, but not all data is created equal in relation to... The Best Way to Invest Money After a Business Exit or Promotion If you exit a enterprise, then likeli hood is you'll receive a substantial profit when the method is... four Unexpected Costs for Startups Startups are a great way for entrepreneurs to capitalize on creating a services or products... Starting a Korean Online Store During COVID-19 The COVID-19 pandemic has now contaminated over 6.three million people and has brought on over 375,000 deaths... […] /2013/05/08/loopy-enterprise-ideas-that-made-millions […] […] SEE ALSO: 5 ‘What The Heck’ Business Ideas That Made Millions […] […] SEE ALSO: 5 ‘What The Heck’ Business Ideas That Made Millions […] […] SEE ALSO: 5 ‘What The Heck’ Business Ideas That Made Millions […] […] before you head off pondering these gained’t make millions, think once more. If a guy can make millions with vacuum cleaner hair slicing system then there is a good likelihood you possibly can […]

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The Key to Successful Resume Writing Resource

The Key to Successful Resume Writing Resource Quite a couple of our entrance level HR continue tests incorporate leisure activity information, so in case you're reluctant to incorporate it, survey the activity presenting you're applying on, with the goal that you may make sure about a superior vibe for if the business would see it as welcome subtleties. The absolute best part was I found a new position in just a month or two! Obviously, at whatever point you are scanning for a resume composing administration, don't disregard to follow your gut. You should be extremely mindful when choosing a resume composing administration as everybody can set up a sign they compose resumes. Facing everyday life After Resume Writing Resource You will be mentioned to do errands that may be far beyond your standard extent of obligations. Hence the opposite ordered sort is the best Human Resources Assistant resume design it is conceivable to use. Resume composing Objective is a basic area in a resume. E very so often the Skills and Accomplishments segment is an individual area. Resume composing objective is a critical segment of the resume, without it continue won't leave its impact on the spotter. Theresume summaryis best at whatever point you have a lot of HR experience. The aptitudes required differ dependent on the field you're applying for. Your resume ought to be designed in a simple, proficient strategy. The Unexposed Secret of Resume Writing Resource Resumes might be utilized for various reasons, however regularly they're used to make sure about new business. They might be sorted out in various manners. Phenomenal resumes feature your capabilities, which makes it brisk and straightforward for managers to get what they are looking for. Not all resumes are suitable for a wide range of employments. Our HR continue tests are a staggering spot to begin. Simply, the peruser should be in a situation to check your resume in just a few seconds and still comprehend where you have wor ked, and the places that you held. You may likewise select to utilize a resume format. What You Should Do to Find Out About Resume Writing Resource Before You're Left Behind Although the assets are free, and along these lines draws in a decent arrangement of clients, nothing is in certainty deserving of the time that it takes to find the substance. Resume Writing Categories When you see continue administrations, you are going to see that they are accessible in a few unmistakable classes and you will need to choose the correct kind for your pursuit of employment prerequisites. You are going to need to settle on a resume composing administration which remains behind their item. Resume composing administrations frequently give an entire bundle system to continue composing. Resume Writing Resource - Overview Viewing various examples of resumes having to do with your profession may give you the assistance required. Theresume objectiveis best at whatever point you have nearly nothing if a ny HR experience. In the event that you have numerous capacities, the past aptitude section might be called Additional Skills. Presently its your obligation to satisfy your expertly composed resume.

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How to Get a Job at Google - No Coding Required!

Step by step instructions to Get a Job at Google - No Coding Required! Step by step instructions to Get a Job at Google - No Coding Required! Ok, Google. A vocation searcher's dream. No.1 on Fortune's Best Companies to Work For list six distinct occasions. Thus attractive that individuals burned through $12 just to watch a terrible film about temporary positions there. Really awful they just recruit software engineering majors, isn't that so? All things considered, the organization was established by two PhD PC researchers. What's more, it has in excess of 16,000 CS majors on staff. LinkedIn Recruiter information; 12/18/15 Try not to advise that to the about 17,000 Googlers who studied things like financial matters, political theory, or even English writing. LinkedIn Recruiter information; 12/18/15 Hold up a second. Who are these non-coding Google workers? What's more, more critically, how could they get in without realizing how to code??? To respond to that question, how about we take a gander at five ways into Google that don't include even a whiff of programming: 1. You have business aptitudes For reasons unknown, coding makes up only a piece of all positions at Google. Since as splendid as Google's specialists may be, they despite everything need somebody to deal with their code, sell their code and secure their code. Furthermore, that is the place you, the accomplished business proficient, comes in. Suppose you've been an administration expert for a couple of years. All things considered, incidentally, Google needs you to help create methodology for its new items. Or then again perhaps you've been enlisting top ability yourself. All things considered, an organization developing as quick as Google could utilize your assistance on the HR front. Regardless of what you've done, odds are you can locate a fit between your past experience and a business job at Google. To study these various jobs from BizDev to BizOps look at my free book on 12 tech occupations that don't require specialized aptitudes. 2. You're in school Be that as it may, imagine a scenario in which you don't have any abilities yet on the grounds that you're still in school. Try not to perspire it! Google really has huge amounts of entry level position open doors for understudies despite everything sharpening their aptitudes. For example, the BOLD program is explicitly intended for understudies who need to investigate fields like showcasing, deals and HR. 3. You simply graduated Oh goodness. You're stuck in late graduate limbo. Excessively far along to get a temporary job (Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughan's model, regardless) yet too unpracticed to even think about landing an ordinary activity. Game over, isn't that so? Not a chance. Since, in all honesty, Google really has extraordinary projects only for you. Need to investigate a profession in showcasing? Attempt the Associate Product Marketing Manager Program. Is deals more your style? What about the Business Associate Program? In any case: no experience, no issue. 4. You know somebody who knows somebody How does Google remain sharp in any event, when it's developed from a minuscule startup to the second-most significant organization on the planet? By letting its present representatives fill in as a channel for future workers. Rather than simply employing a lot of arbitrary individuals all things considered and seeking after the best, Google accepts that one extraordinary recruit will prompt another, so it takes amazing confidence in referrals. To such an extent that Google interviews are 75 percent bound to originate from referrals than interviews at Apple, Amazon or Microsoft. Be that as it may, imagine a scenario where you don't have the foggiest idea about a current Googler. No concerns. Simply run this hunt on LinkedIn. Presently you can discover a companion of a companion who accomplishes work at Google. When you do as such, simply have your companion make the presentation and request a referral. It's the speediest route in. What's more, it doesn't require a solitary line of code only a smidgen of social designing! To get more tips on systems administration in tech, download my free book on the 7 basic mysteries of the tech quest for new employment. 5. You're edgy Alright, yet imagine a scenario in which you don't know any individual who knows anybody. Furthermore, you're not unreasonably experienced? Also, you're not so much as an understudy or ongoing graduate??? Your Google dream should unquestionably be finished. Not really. Since the one thing that Google depends upon, more than all else, to keep its business developing is a constant flow of new leads. In particular, different organizations that should purchase publicizing from it. Thus Google requires a constant flow of individuals to accomplish the difficult work of finding those leads. That is the place you come in. In the event that you have the industriousness to work the telephones, set up gatherings, and at last get results for the business group, you could be only the business advancement agent the organization is searching for. It's not the most fabulous employment but rather, much the same as working the sorting room in Hollywood, it's a foot in the entryway. What's more, deals improvement reps get the chance to eat precisely the same food and bounce in a similar ball pits as each other Googler! So there you have it, five different ways into the most attractive organization on the planet. What's more, not a drop of code between them. Only a little hustle and resourcefulness that would make Owen and Vince pleased! Search Google employments Jeremy Schifeling is the CEO of Break into Tech, a site for any individual who needs to dispatch a tech vocation, paying little mind to foundation. Figure out how Jeremy found employments at Apple and LinkedIn through his free, bit by bit course.

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How to become a Mobile App Developer

How to become a Mobile App Developer Disappointed by your latest download? There’s an app a job for that…Mobile App Developers design and develop applications for a host of mobile platforms and devices including Windows, Android and Apple. These could include games and applications to improve health and fitness, through to news services and informative applications, and everything in between.Without them there would be no Google Maps, Flappy Birds or Candy Crush or (although this may be comforting to those still stuck on level 100).Although specific responsibilities vary, key duties could include:Drawing up plans and creating prototypes for new applicationsBuilding applications, taking into consideration specific usability requirements across a variety of different platformsTesting all areas of the programmeMeeting all requirements to release the application onlineUsing all feedback to help improve program, fix any bugs that occur and make sure that all content is updated to improve usabilityIs it right for me?Like any other form of software development, the people behind best-selling mobile applications have a knack for solving puzzles and finding innovative ways to create a final product.Aside from being highly competent in writing code, you’ll need to have a natural passion for programming and a steadfast discipline to be a successful developer. Creativity is similarly essential, and you will often have to think outside the box to come up with exciting and innovative ideas.Other key skills and attributes include:A strong foundation in various programming languagesGood communication skillsThe ability to remain objective, and always provide a good user experienceExcellent team working and time management skillsAdaptability, and the ability to keep up-to-date with developments in mobile technologyCareer Progression? Junior App DeveloperUp to 24,000 Senior DeveloperUp to 40,000 Software Development ManagerUp to 50,000What's it really like? Mobile app development isn't for the faint of heart - it requires a good level of discipline, and can be frustrating. Writing and troubleshooting code for long lengths of time may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but for me it’s like solving a huge puzzle. For someone who has always been obsessed with technology and computers since I was a kid, this is definitely my dream job. Get qualifiedIt is not a necessary requirement to have a degree to become a Mobile App Developer. However, a good knowledge of various programming languages will be essential.

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Get hired by telling them your stories - Hire Imaging

Get recruited by revealing to them your accounts - Hire Imaging I've been sharing approaches to sell oneself in a pursuit of employment, which I accept to be a non-debatable. There's an incredible three-advance procedure to assist you with offering your advantages to the individuals who can help and recruit you. In my last post, I shared Step #1: Give them motivations to need you. Step #2 is extremely in excess of a stage. Narrating is an astonishing ability and craftsmanship. The world loves a decent story. It tends to be what separates you from the ocean of competitors when from the start, you're no different. In the same way as other aptitudes, it is rehearsed and culminated. Be that as it may, everybody has incredible stories, including you! Pursuit of employment Sales Step #2: Reveal to Them Stories About Yourself Obviously I'm not alluding to the open air fire or sleep party assortment, nor am I recommending that you tell inventive lies or promotion things up. The accounts I need you to inform are those regarding you. Giving them motivations to need you is basic to catching your crowd's eye. It's a decent start, yet dont stop there. Presently you have to give a more extravagant, can-nearly observe it portrayal of what you're able to do. I accept the most ideal approach to do this is to recount stories from quite a while ago. I'm your audience. Furthermore, I'm stating, Demonstrate it to me. Make me give it a second thought. Sure; you disclose to me you're acceptable at either. OK. I'm standing by to hear more. How could you get the hang of it? Where did you do it? What was the effect? For what reason did it make a difference? On the off chance that you can't back up your cases with accounts, I may not accept you. So, disclose to me a story. My customer John shared how he trusted one of his accounts landed him a proposal as Membership Coordinator with an open radio broadcast. It resembled the following: While you no uncertainty have some certified contender for this job, I figure you should enlist me. While winning my degree, I stirred my way up to Member Services Coordinator at the ABC Athletic Club. I realized how to keep individuals cheerful. I sorted out competitions, facilitated centers for injury avoidance, kept a steady stream of client socialization and acknowledgment occasions streaming, and even thought of good gear bargains for individuals. One blustery day, a few individuals were hanging at the juice bar whining about absence of cross-fit preparing. I ventured up to the bar, posed inquiries, took notes, and got that programming moving. At the point when they grumbled about inclination tired in that program, I presented a pre-class warm-up that got raves. At the point when they were discontent with expansion and increasing costs, I built up a referral program offering limits. I dealt with them. I will deal with your kin as well. John's questioner revealed to him later that his story was entrancing and more or less, persuading! It didn't attempt to clarify in diagnostic terms why John was a decent recruit for this activity. Consider the possibility that John had said While you no uncertainty have some certified contender for this job, I figure you should employ me. I'm acceptable at it. It's a match with my business degree and managerial foundation.? Indeed, I think (thus does John) that he would have failed. John recounted to a story that disclosed without clarifying. He demonstrated himself to be a difficult solver tuned into the enrollment's agony. He revealed what he had done and driven the questioner to accept he could do it once more. Imagine a scenario where you don't trust you have a story to tell. Before you quit in light of the fact that you don't have a story to back up the expertise or quality that you proclaim (I've never worked with that sort of client or circumstance), maybe you can relate it to the open employment. Sam's story for retail corporate purchaser work: As youth executive, I've bought supplies and gear for our congregation for longer than 10 years. It's run the extent from pencils to a young van. Assets are tight for a little church like our own. I have done a great deal of haggling with merchants for best terms and valuing. I recognize what it resembles to source and make an arrangement, and that it is so essential to create connections. No, I've not been a corporate purchaser of cheddar; however I have no uncertainty I would get ABC the best item, administration and worth conceivable. Some of the time coming to back for a story to show a positive quality will stand out enough to be noticed. In any event, when you are not qualified. Meg's story for the inadequate college chief: I realize that on paper I may not be the most qualified individual for executive at ABC University's Women's Center. In any case, I noticed that a considerable lot of your staff and those served are in their late twenties to mid-thirties. As a childcare supplier for a long time, I turned out to be a serious master on this age gathering. I exhorted them on returning to class or profession moves as their children grew somewhat more seasoned. They imparted their feelings of trepidation and dreams to me. I was both their team promoter and responsibility accomplice. I recognize what their issues are and how to address them. Indeed, different competitors had more understanding on paper, yet Meg found the activity. As your audience, I need some proof that you can back up the thing you have said about yourself. A story persuades me, since it is conceivable and gives solid instances of aptitudes you have utilized and issues you have illuminated. Go out into that incredible night equipped with stories! Next time, I'll share Selling Step #3: Cultivate your social abilities! Photograph: umjanedoan