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4 Great Questions to Ask for Determining Cultural Fit - Spark Hire

4 Great Questions to Ask for Determining Cultural Fit - Spark HireIts that time again time to hire Thankfully, you understand that hiring for cultural fit is just as important as hiring for skill, but do you know how to interview for cultural fit?Interviewing for cultural fit is very simple when you are asking the right questions. Before you interview the first person, you should put pen to paper and create a list of cultural interview questions. This will help you to ensure that you are remembering and asking the right questions throughout the interview process. There are 4 key questions that will you want to be sure to include on your list.1.What schriftart of management style do you prefer?You and your companys approach to management is a key factor when interviewing for cultural fit. Is your management style relaxed and hands-off or mora structured and hands-on? Whatever your style may be, you will want to hire accordingly.If your management style is hands-off, you will want to hire an employee who is able to and happy to work alone, with little guidance. The best way to interview for this skill is by simply asking what the candidate prefers. Find out what type of management style the candidate is used to and what she likes or dislikes about certain styles of management.2.What kind of environments have you worked in previously and what did you like/dislike about them?A great way to find out the type of culture someone is most successful in is to ask. Ask the candidate about previous places of employment. Find out what they liked or disliked about each position or culture and why.If the candidate has only ever worked in a team oriented environment with a relaxed atmosphere, chances are she will have a difficult time adjusting to a more structured and independent work environment.You can also confirm the candidates past work environments with previous employers when checking references.3.How do you communicate with your coworkers?This question is a great way to determine how a candidate has interacted with coworkers in the past. Typically, when asking this question, you will be able to determine if the candidate enjoys verbal or face to face interaction versus more distant communication such as email.Having employees who communicate with each other in a like-minded way is important to your culture.Ask for examples of how often the candidate spoke with coworkers verbally versus email. Find out if the candidate has been in an environment that encouraged socializing with coworkers after work.4.What does teamwork mean to you?When you have a group of people who enjoy interacting and working in a team, it can throw things off balance if you add someone to the mix who truly enjoys working alone. By asking what teamwork means to a candidate, you can make sure that she is on the same page when it comes to your companys attitude and perception of teamwork.Ask for examples of when and how often the candidate was required to work on a team in the past. Find out what the candidates responsibilities were on the team and how she interacted with other team members.How do you interview for cultural fit? Please share your recommendations below in the comments.Image 3DProfi/

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Teenagers are thinking about their mental health a lot more than you thought

Teenagers are thinking about their mental health a lot mora than you thoughtTeenagers are thinking about their mental health a lot more than you thoughtTeenagers today have their sights set on a four-year college and fulfilling career.That could be part of why theyre so stressed by academics and feel depression and anxiety are a major aufgabe among young people in their communities.Follow Ladders on FlipboardFollow Ladders magazines on Flipboard covering Happiness, Productivity, Job Satisfaction, Neuroscience, and moreA recent survey by Pew Research Center, conducted between September and November 2018, paints a portrait of the 13-17-year-olds who are the workers of tomorrow. The data clearly suggests that theyre looking for jobs theyll enjoy and want to help people. It also shows that mental health is a seriousconcern among them, and a lot of the pressure they feel comes from school.Sixty-three percent of teens reported that having a job or career they enjoyed was extremely importan t to them - and an additional 32% felt it was very important- once they reached adulthood. Other, more traditional life goals were less of a priority among todays youth only 47% said getting married was extremely or very important to them, and 39% said the same about having children.Meanwhile, 81% said it was extremely or very important to them to help those in need as adults, compared to just 51% who felt the same way about having a lot of money. If these numbers are any indication, it appears that the United States will have more do-gooders than Scrouges among the next generation of adults.Credit Pew Research CenterTeens also seem aware of the value of education. 59% of respondents - 51% of boys and 68% of girls - said they planned to attend a four-year college, according to the survey.This life choice appears to be one of the main stressors on young people. 61% of teens feel a lot of pressure to get good grades, and among those who expect to go to a four-year college, 65% are concerned about affording it.Credit Pew Research CenterThese troubles may be part of why 70% of teens say anxiety and depression are a major problem among their peers. Mental health outranked bullying, drug addiction, alcohol consumption, poverty and other factors to be teens top-rated community-based concern, according to the Pew survey.While its good to know that todays teens want to love their jobs and help others, it should be alarming that so many young people are worried about the mental health of their communities. Perhaps its time to rethink our pipeline system to promote health and wellness, so the workers of tomorrow dont have to suffer today.You might also enjoyNew neuroscience reveals 4 rituals that will make you happyStrangers know your social class in the first seven words you say, study finds10 lessons from Benjamin Franklins daily schedule that will double your productivityThe worst mistakes you can make in an interview, according to 12 CEOs10 habits of mentally str ong people

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Twitter Feeds for Your Government Job Search

Twitter Feeds for Your Government Job SearchTwitter Feeds for Your Government Job SearchSocial media sites have become much more than places to post your latest selfie you posed for 20 times until you got it just right. The division between personal relationships and professional ones continues to blur as Facebook friends turn into Twitter followers who then turn into LinkedIn connections. People expand their personal networks through social media. A social media friending, following or connecting can never replace genuine relationships, but social media platforms can serve as mediums for job seekers to find current information about available jobs and connect with people who can help them land those jobs. After you finish watching the latest viral video, check out these Twitter feeds to help you in your government job search. 1. USAJobs USAJobs is the federal governments job portal. All federal jobs are posted to USAJobs. Applicants fill out the online application once and can twe ak it again and again as new jobs interest them. This beats the old days when each federal agency had its own methods for accepting job applications. On this feed, youll find links to open federal jobs and other information helpful to federal job seekers. 2. USOPM The US bro of Personnel Management is essentially the federal governments human resources department. OPM work to recruit, retain and honor a world-class workforce for the American people. They do this in several ways maintaining USAJobsconducting background investigations for prospective employees and security clearances ensuring fair management practices across federal agencies managing employee benefits programs providing professional development programs and leading development, testing, and implementation of new policies related to personnel. Tweets from OPM give you an idea of what working in the federal government is like. 3. GovExec Government Executive is a publication that delivers news federal managers want to know. Common topics include the budgeting employee compensation and benefits breaking agency news and politics. Tweets from Government Executive tell you whats happening right now in federal service and what is on top level managers minds. 4. gogovernment Go Government is a resource for people seeking federal employment, particularly young people. It is a project of the Partnership for Public Service, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that works to revitalize the federal government by inspiring a new generation to serve and by transforming the way government works. We believe that good government starts with good people. And, we believe that by strengthening the civil service and addressing the needs of people in government, we help the government to work better- to serve the needs of all Americans. Go Government is not a job board. Rather, it points people to a job and gives practical advice on applying. 5. GovernmentJobs This Twitter account is associated with a compa ny specializing in advertising government jobs. You can find and apply for jobs from around the nation in just about every public sector discipline. If you are looking for a job and youre not limited by city, state or part of the country, this job board can be a great place to find your next gig. 6. careersingov This account is associated with a company that advertises local government jobs. If working in federal or state government is too big picture for you, local government jobs allow you to serve directly the people in your community. If you have a passion for local government service, you can find openings here. 7. vacareers The US Department of Veterans Affairs has jobs available across the nation providing assistance to military veterans. The agency is known most for the health care services it provides. This Twitter feed posts information about job fairs, what working at the VA is like and stories about how the VA helps its customers. 8. FedNewsRadio Federal News Rad io is a Washington, DC, metro area radio station with a content-rich online presence. It delivers breaking new important to federal employees and contractors.

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4 common reasons to change careers

4 common reasons to change careers4 common reasons to change careersChanging careers often involves using yur honed skills and experience and making a switch to a career or workplace thats completely different. Perhaps youre an investment banker who wants to transition to providing financial services for nonprofits. Or maybe youre a teacher whod like to try out writing for a change.One way to launch a career change is to find a mentor to guide you. Another is to follow the FlexJobs 16-point checklist for career change success. If youre feeling the itch to change careers, were going over four common reasons people change careers to help you determine your own reasons for wanting a change.We tackled many of these questions and issues in our content series, 100 Days on Jobs for Career Changers, and invite you to check out our full library of articles from that series.If a career change is what you want, heres a job search checklist for career changers designed to get you really thinking about the ins and outs of your potential career move.Here are four primary reasons to change careers1. Career satisfactionProfessionals often change careers to attain a higher level of career satisfaction. A good example of this would be a middle manager applying for a higher-level position in an industry where their experience and knowledge could complement an upper-management position.Another reason career professionals jump ship is because theyre concerned theres a lack of opportunities for advancement where they currently are employed, according to a LinkedIn survey of 10,000 professionals.2. Unsatisfactory leadershipAnother top reason professionals feel compelled to move on is because theyre unsatisfied by the leadership at their current workplace. Ineffective managers can drive away talented employees, which is a significant detriment to the success of the company. Leadership issues can occur at all levels in a company and seriously affect the productivity of workers.Lack of recognition, low compensation, and minimal benefits are all key factors that are associated with poor leadership.3. Work flexibilitySometimes a career change is necessary to accommodate the changing needs of your family or other goals. Work flexibility is another important factor that influences career change. Employees who are juggling a career and the demands of children often desire opportunities to work in a flexible environment that will allow them to work from home, part-time, or have flexible hours.4. Changing philosophy and goalsSome employees are interested in working in an industry or nonprofit that betters the world, such as the environment or social circumstances of the underprivileged. A career change like this would be due to changing philosophy or life goals.This post was originally published on

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Comprehensive Dress Code for Manufacturing Settings

Comprehensive Dress Code for Manufacturing SettingsComprehensive Dress Code for Manufacturing SettingsYour Companys objective in establishing a casual dress code is to allow your employees to work comfortably. Yet, employees still need to project a professional image for customers and clients. Because all casual clothing is elend suitable for the workplace, these guidelines will help you determine what is appropriate workplace attire. Clothing that works well for yard work, dance clubs, and exercise workouts is notlage appropriate at work. Sundresses, casual capris, and midriff-bearing tops are examples of clothing thats inappropriate in a manufacturing work setting or office. Clothing that reveals excessive cleavage, back, chest, feet, stomach or undergarments is also not appropriate in a business setting. Even in a casual manufacturing work environment, clothing should be pressed- never wrinkled. Torn, dirty, or frayed clothing is, likewise, unacceptable. Any clothing that has word s, terms, or pictures that may be offensive to other employees is unacceptable. This includes images that are political or religious in nature, sexually provocative, or insulting to other employees. On the other hand, clothing that has the Company logo is encouraged. Sports team, university, and fashion brand names on clothing are generally acceptable. The rule is use common sense when wearing clothing that has words on it- people are easily offended by words. Dress Down Day Fridays have been formally designated as a dress down day. Certain other days may occasionally be declared as dress down days- such as half-days before a major holiday. On these days, jeans, sneakers and a more casual approach to dressing are allowed. Conclusion About the Casual Dress Code Manufacturing This is a general overview of acceptable work attire. Items that are not appropriate for work are listed, as well. Neither list is all-inclusive and both lists are open to change. The lists tell you what is generally accepted as work attire and what is generally not acceptable as work attire. No dress code can cover all contingencies so employees must exercise a certain amount of judgment when considering what to wear to work. If you experience uncertainty about acceptable, professional casual attire for work, please ask your supervisor or your menschengerecht Resources staff. Dress Code Details The following are the specific expectations of the casual dress code for work. This dress code differentiates between manufacturing areas and office areas in the dress code. Slacks, Pants, and Suit Pants Manufacturing Areas Slacks or pants that are similar to Dockers and other makers of cotton or synthetic material pants, wool pants, flannel pants, jeans, bib overalls, and attractive athletic pants are acceptable. Gauchos and capris are acceptable. Pants that are below the knee with finished edges are allowed.Inappropriate slacks or pants in the plant include sweatpants, exercise pan ts, Bermuda shorts, short shorts, shorts, leggings, and any spandex or other form-fitting pants that people wear for biking. As a general rule, shorts or pants that are above knee length are not allowed. Office Areas Slacks that are similar to Dockers and other makers of cotton or synthetic material pants, wool pants, flannel pants, and nice looking dress synthetic pants are acceptable. Dressier gauchos and capris are acceptable in the office. Pants that are below the knee with finished edges are allowed.Inappropriate slacks or pants include jeans (except on dress down days), sweatpants, exercise pants, Bermuda shorts, short shorts, shorts, bib overalls, leggings, and any spandex or other form-fitting pants that people wear for biking. As a general rule, shorts or pants that are above knee length are not allowed. Skirts, Dresses, and Skirted Suits Casual dresses and skirts- and skirts that are split at or below the knee- are acceptable. Skirts at a length that allows you to si t comfortably in public are acceptable.As a general rule, dresses and skirts that are above knee length and that do not allow bending are not appropriate. Short, tight skirts that ride halfway up the thigh are inappropriate for work. Mini-skirts,skorts, sun dresses, beach dresses, bathing suit cover-ups, and spaghetti-strap dresses are inappropriate. Shirts, Tops, Blouses, and Jackets Manufacturing Areas Casual shirts, dress shirts, sweaters, tops, golf-type shirts, t-shirts, sweatshirts, attractive athletic tops, and turtlenecks are acceptable attire for work.Inappropriate attire for work includes tank tops, halter-tops, and tops with bare shoulders. Also inappropriate are midriff-baring tops and shirts with potentially offensive words, terms, logos, pictures, cartoons, or slogans. Office Areas Casual shirts, dress shirts, sweaters, tops, golf-type shirts, t-shirts, sweatshirts, attractive athletic tops, and turtlenecks are acceptable attire for work.Inappropriate attire for wo rk includes tank tops, halter-tops, and tops with bare shoulders. Also inappropriate are midriff-baring tops and shirts with potentially offensive words, terms, logos, pictures, cartoons, or slogans. Shoes and Footwear Manufacturing Areas Loafers, boots, dress heels below 2 inches high, athletic shoes, and leather deck shoes are acceptable. Thongs, flip-flops, clogs, slippers,sandals,and any shoes with an open toe or open heel are not acceptable in the plant. Office Areas Conservative athletic or walking shoes, loafers, clogs, sneakers, boots, flats, dress heels, and leather deck-type shoes are acceptable for work. Wearing no stockings is acceptable in warm weather. Flashy athletic shoes, thongs, flip-flops, slippers, and any shoe with an open toe are not acceptable in the office. Closed toe and closed heel shoes are required in the manufacturing operation area. General Guideline Closed toe and closed heel shoes are required for safety reasons in the manufacturing facility.Shoes that enclose only part of the heel or toe are not acceptable in the manufacturing facility.For safety reasons, heels over two inches high are not acceptable in the manufacturing facility.Shoes with a closed toe are required in the office. Hats and Head Covering Hats are not appropriate at work. Head covers that are required for religious purposes or to honor cultural tradition are allowed. Conclusion If clothing fails to meet these standards, as determined by the employees supervisor andHuman Resourcesstaff, the employee will be asked not to wear the inappropriate item to work again. If the problem persists, the employee may be sent home to change their clothes and will receive averbal warningfor the first offense. Progressivedisciplinary actionwill be applied if dress code violations continue. Clothing and accessories that project a professional image of you and the company for both visitors and coworkers should be worn at all times. Ground rules include the following Atti re should be clean, safe, and in good repair.Do not wear clothes that sexually provocative.Clothing should not draw undue attention to ones self or create a distraction for other employees.Clothing should not be offensive to other employees. If youre unsure what constitutes an appropriateCasual Dress Codeor A Formal, Professional Dress Code, take the time to bone up on the subject

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Can#8217;t Get a Full-Time Job Try a Portfolio Career Instead

Can8217t Get a Full-Time Job Try a Portfolio Career Instead Can8217t Get a Full-Time Job Try a Portfolio Career Instead Do you feel like its harder than ever to find agood, old-fashioned9-5job these days? Does it seem like the market is overrun withfreelance work, short-term gigs, temp positions, and part-time opportunities, but woefullyshort on full-time employment?You are not imagining thingsThe job market has shifted dramatically.As companies look for ways to stay flexible and adaptable in these unpredictable times, many have cut back on traditional permanent employment opportunities. Over the last two years, the number of freelance workers hired by organizations has risen, and it looks like it will continue to rise According to research from Fieldglass, 35 percent ofof todays workforce is composed ofcontingent workers, and 95 percent of employers say they want toemploy more contingent workers in the future.As contingent work becomes the new norm, candidates must be ready to lea ve behind full-time employment and traditional career arcs in favor ofportfolio careers that is, careers that combine several part-time, freelance, and temp opportunities.PortfolioCareers A New Form of Job SecurityA well-functioning portfolio career that combines multiple roles is the modern form of job security. When you work two or three jobs at a time, you do lose the stability of permanent employment with one company, but you gain another kind of security Your eggs are no longer in one basket. Should one company fail or one job get cut in a restructuring effort, you wont be in an immediate crisis. You still have your other roles to keep you going while you look for a replacement for the lost job.Portfolio CareersCan Provide More SatisfactionSpreading your time and talentsacross several part-time and/or freelance opportunities can actually be more engaging and fulfilling than traditional full-time work.That may not be saying much, given the historically low levels of employee en gagement were seeing right now. But look at the bright side If even the full-timers are unhappy, what do you have to lose be switching to a portfolio career?Actually, the better question is probably What do you have to gain from switching to a portfolio career? The answer, according to experts, is higher levels of life satisfaction.Making a Portfolio Career Work for YouOne of the key benefits of working a portfolio career is flexibility You can often schedule your work life around your lifestyle. You are not beholden to geschftszimmer schedules. When negotiating your contingent roles, always pushhard for flexibility. Make sure you retain control over when and where you work. Beware of engagements that dont offer this flexibility.Another benefit of a portfolio career is variety. Rather than doing the same thing day in and day out, you can take a few different roles on at once. To ensure that you earn enough to live comfortably, you should start with a well-paying role that makes use of your core skills then, you can supplement that role with other opportunities that lie outside of your normal skill set. For example, you could use freelance design work to make up the bulk of your income while taking on a side gig as a blogger for a graphic design company.The beauty of a portfolio career is that it can afford you security, satisfaction, and control over your work-life balance. Sure, that requires a little finessing and some smart strategizing, but the payoff is well worth it. If youre used to full-time permanent employment, the prospect of a portfolio career may sound terrifying, but trust me Once you experience the freedom and fulfillment of portfolio work, youll never want to go back to your stuff old office job again.

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Definitions of Modern Resume Template 2017

Definitions of Modern Resume Template 2017 Dont assume it is going to be a snap because you prefer to write. The peak of yur resume should includecritical search phrases and a fast snapshot of your core strengths, Leavy-Detrick states. Even in the event the template is cost-free, theyll attempt to hit you up for different services or products. The rest of the templates are readily available to Pro subscribers. Employing a resume template is getting an acceptable and smart practice for quite a few reasons. Most of our Resume Templates can be found in various color schemes to offer you better editing opportunities. Keep in mind this specific template is ideal for people with some or significant work experience only. If you get a personal site, published writing samples, or an internet portfolio, link that in your Contact Information section, so long as its pertinent to your preferred job. You can also see Modern Business Resume Templates One of the absolute fruchtwein importan t things to keep in mind while writing a resume is that its not an autobiography. XX Clean is going to be the ideal template to use when wanting to earn a brdeing first impression. Show how competent youre. ersatzdarsteller check to be sure that everything on the last version of the resume is about you. Fortunately, there are various publishers around whove created incredible resume templates for fast editing and formatting in Word. Our creative templates make it possible for you to stick out from the crowd. Several formats available A big benefit of our CV layouts is that theyre supported by all well-known formats. Search by file type to produce certain you are able to use the templates you find. Employing VisualCVs CV editor you can readily switch from 1 template to another, which means you can easily use the very best template for the job every single time you apply. Look at a totally free CV template prepared to print. Surely, you dont need to bore your prospective e mployer with lifeless simple resume. Your resume is your introduction to a possible employer that is exactly why it important to make certain that youre ready to set up an amazing first impression in your resume. The effective use of layout permits the applicant to showcase a thorough details about themselves. Try to remember a modern font is most effective for impressing a modern employer. Employers inspect the info written in the resume to learn whether the applicant is qualified for a specific position. The initial one is about outlining your abilities and your availability in a certain job position. So if youre planning to make an application for a new job in 2019, you have to have a foolproof plan to construct or update your resume. Professionally, our resumes are often the very first impression a possible employer gets of us. Theres no doubt that a resume which is both cohesive and professional will have a much better prospect of standing from the crowd even supposing its made utilizing a template. You can also add your memberships or affiliations if you prefer. How well you layout your resume is crucial to increasing your likelihood of getting hired. The Birth of Modern Resume Template 2017 Inside my mind, decent design gets from the method of the content. No matter if its your very first job resume or not, it is necessary to know that any resume should have 5 essential elements. Sometimes all you will need is a timeless style template thats clean, clear and right to the point. A basic resume is also less difficult to read. So if you choose to go the Resume Builder route, be conscious that youll have to cover the last product. A modern resume needs to be simple to read and attractively designed.